DUALTRON X 60V 49AH Battery Electric Scooter
DUALTRON X 60V 49AH Battery Electric Scooter
DUALTRON X 60V 49AH Battery Electric Scooter
DUALTRON X 60V 49AH Battery Electric Scooter
DUALTRON X 60V 49AH Battery Electric Scooter
DUALTRON X 60V 49AH Battery Electric Scooter

DUALTRON X 60V 49AH Battery Electric Scooter

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  • Power 6700W
  • Max Max Speed 100 km/h
  • Battery 60V49Ah LG Battery Range 150 km
  • Suspensions Front + Rear | Flex-R System
  • Brakes Hydraulic disk brakes (Nutt) Tires 13″ Tubeless
  • Climbing capacity 35°
  • Weight 70 kg
  • Charging time 24h (10h with a fast charger)
  • Lightening Front lights & Rear stop light
  • Max supported weight 150 kg
  • Folded dimensions 130,5 cm x 35 cm x 78 cm
  • Unfolded dimensions 130,5 cm x 63,2 cm x 124 cm

Like all other MiniMotors products, the Dualtron X has outstanding build quality. Dualtron X is one of the biggest and most powerful electric scooters. It breaks the boundaries of what a normal electric scooter can do. It’s one of the biggest and most powerful electric scooters with off-road capabilities. 

The acceleration is incredible, Dualtron X absolutely hit 20 miles per hour.

The dual 6720-watt brushless DC motors make the X a rock-solid land rocket on two wheels.

With a massive 3kWh battery pack, 6.7 KW combined power, gargantuan 13″ wide tire with an incredible 90 miles of range at a cruising speed of 18-20mph. 

The Dualtron X has so much momentum combined with large, sturdy tires.The super-wide tires will automatically stabilise the scooter, keeping it upright and going straight.

BLDH motors and Battery

The Dualtron X scooter packs two incredible BLDH motors rated at 6,720W max which means outstanding torque, gradeability, and maximum speed. 

With such intense power, the scooter can comfortably tackle hills, bumps, stiff inclines, and off-road environments without struggling.

The X incorporates an aircooling system to prevent the engine from overheating and damaging the electrical components attributed to the intense power it produces.

Thanks to the 6.7KW from the motor powered by the massive 3kWh battery pack, the acceleration is staggering.

The Dualtron X’s incredible performance is credited to its monster battery with a 2, 940Wh capacity.

The scooter also boasts an additional 180 watt-hour battery pack in the stem used to power just lights and other accessories, allowing the main battery to be used solely to power the motor.

DualtronX 5
Dualtron X right side


On the right, you have the EY3 trigger throttle with LCD display. The Dualtron X is equipped with a fingerprint reader for locking/unlocking the scooter.

​​On the left side, you have controls for the turn signals, electronic horn, and lights. There are also some additional buttons on the left side of the stem that can be wired up for other powered accessories that you might want to add to the scooter.

LED lighting

The Dualtron X features an exemplary light system that makes it safe to ride in dark hours. It comes with an extra battery pack solely to power LED lights.

This scooter has a central ultra-bright light that is good enough for staying visible while riding at night. There is also a ton of swag lighting, rear lights, and even turn signals.

This light system ensures that you are visible on the road and enhances your vision when riding.


The Dualtron X is an absolute beast in terms of tires. It is equipped with massive 33.0-centimeter by 13-centimeter tubeless pneumatic tires. These ultra-wide sizes contribute to the stability of the scooter and make it easily absorb all obstacles on the off_roads. 

The super-wide tires will automatically keep it upright and going straight even when cruising at high speeds.

Thanks to large great wheels and functional shock absorbers, the X offers unmatched riding comfort. 

The tyres are tubeless which means that they have minimal maintenance requirements and are easy to detach and attach when they need to be replaced. 

Rubber Suspension system 

This scooter is equipped with Front & Rear adjustable hydraulic suspension (19 positions) piston-like shock absorbers, with robust coil springs wrapped around them.

Dualtron x Rubber suspensions are supremely smooth, and will easily get through any bumps and potholes.  The dual coil-over-shocks are a departure from the classic MiniMotors rubber suspension.

In addition, The springs allow the overall suspension to feel very soft and enable the Dualtron X to be extremely responsive to even the smallest of bumps while the shock ensures that you don’t bottom out if you hit a huge pothole or take an enormous drop. This unique combination of coil-over-shocks provides the best suspension for an electric scooter.

dualtron X front
DualtronX 1


With a top speed of about 62 mph, the Dualtron X needed to incorporate an effective braking system. 

The X achieves effective, precise braking via its massive Nutt-branded fully-hydraulic disc brakes placed in both the front and the rear.

Such an exemplary braking system makes the Dualtron X very safe even when hitting high speeds. You’re always guaranteed to stop if need be.   

 The scooter accelerates like a motorcycle and comes with incredible braking power and suspension, providing a comfortable riding experience