Ninebot E25 Scooter
Ninebot E25 Scooter
Ninebot E25 Scooter
Ninebot E25 Scooter
Ninebot E25 Scooter
Ninebot E25 Scooter
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Ninebot E25 Scooter

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2021 New Ninebot No. 9
Electric Scooters E25 Adult Portable Smart Electric Scooter
Lithium battery Kick Scooter

WARRANTY : 3 Months

The new E25.

Classic upgrade

New 9-inch high-elastic tires.

1.No inflation 2.No puncture 3.Good shock absorption Three years of research and development of black technology for non-pneumatic tires, both with pneumatic tires Comfortable shock absorption, solid tire explosion-proof and worry-free. 9-inch large wheel diameter, Compared to 8-inch tires, it is easier to cross obstacles such as speed bumps.

New triple brake system.

4 meters braking distance is always with you. In addition to conventional double brakes, E25 introduces a new magnetic brake technology. It absorbs the brake pads with electromagnetic force to form a powerful braking force and achieve a shorter braking distance.

New anti-loosening thread technology

10,000 kilometers of fatigue testing。 The key parts of the body adopt high-speed rail-grade anti-loosening thread connection technology, and are rigorously tested with 3 times the reliability standard. After 10,000 kilometers of road spectrum equivalent vibration test, the frame is not loose or damaged.

Outstanding design and colorful forward

Classic inheritance of ES series

One-piece molding process, metal body Continue the high-value design of the ES family: the body is integrated with a metal bending frame, fine-grained sandblasted coating, and the texture is outstanding; the main components are built into the tube, and there are almost no protruding parts and wiring harnesses. The style is minimal. Outstanding face value, to you, at a glance.

Colorful chassis atmosphere lamp

Multicolored atmosphere The chassis is designed with a colorful ambient light, 9 flashing effects, and tens of thousands of colors to choose from. It can be switched freely through the APP, just like a beautiful scenery and dynamic fashion; the ambient light also has a reminder function at night, and it is more rideable in the dark Safety.

Classic body folding

Can be carried, dragged and put in the trunk Keep the classic folding design, and lightly press the pedal folding switch to complete the folding storage. The whole vehicle weighs about 14kg, can be picked up and towed with one hand, brought into the elevator, and loaded into the trunk, a variety of Scene, easy to deal with.

Aviation grade aluminum alloy material

Lightweight and sturdy The aviation-grade 6-series aluminum alloy frame material weighs about one-third of steel, but its strength per unit density is 1.3 times that of steel, and it has better thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. Lightweight and sturdy, it guarantees safety along the way.

Full power to walk freely

Custom 700W peak power motor

The same power experience as an electric bike The No. 9 custom high-performance motor allows it to have the same speed of 25km/h as the national standard electric bicycle. It also has a climbing capacity of 15%, without fear of steep slopes in the basement. Super performance allows you to enjoy galloping.

3-speed power mode :Faster or farther

1.Speed limit mode 2.Standard mode 3.Sport mode

High quality 18650 power battery

Scalable battery design eases mileage anxiety The customized battery pack on the 9th adopts a complete potting process and has more Strong shock resistance, flame retardancy, IPX7 waterproof ability, battery more Safe and safe to use.

Ride for fun to explore

2.5W highlight traffic lights

13.5 meters irradiation distance is safer 2.5W high-bright driving lights, effective irradiation distance up to 13.5 meters, You can also see clearly when riding in the dark. The lights are made with the cut-off line The principle of light, the light source illuminates the road surface intensively, without dazzling, which is conducive to meeting Car safety.

App to customize your riding hobby

After connecting to the “No. 9 Travel App”, you can set the lighting effect, adjust the energy recovery, view the vehicle information, and even start the cruise control like a car-like! Turn on more functions to make your car more rideable.

App social record your track and share your riding life.

Through the “No. 9 Travel App”, you can record your riding trajectory, with a paragraph of text, in the “circle” to share your mood with 4 million friends, gather together and build a better riding life.

Attention to detail

Each one is a bonus point for cycling

Product Size

  • Product Type: Electric Scooter
  • Model style: double wheels
  • Car weight: 700kg
  • Product size Vehicle size: 109*112*42mm
  • Folding size: 113*15*36mm
  • Product weight: 13kg
  • Product material: aluminum alloy frame
  • Product color: black
  • Motor power: 700W
  • Top speed: 20km/h
  • 3 stalls
  • Climbing ability 15°
  • Brake mode: electronic brake + rear brake
  • Cruising range 22km
  • Battery type lithium battery
  • Rated voltage 36V
  • Battery capacity 5.2Ah
  • Cruise control support
  • APP application social function, one-key lock car, speed limit adjustment